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Local Music Vibe


About Us

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What is the vibe?
The vibe is that feeling you get when you're experiencing a live show and everything is just...right. We want everyone to have that.

Why we love local music
We believe that everyone benefits from a thriving local music scene. You get connected to music you love and you get connected to people in your community. A grass roots scene nurtures great musicians and venues alike. It is accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

What we do

  • Collect comprehensive, relevant information about live music in your town - wherever you live.
  • Build technology to list every show by every artist in every club, bar or café in the world.
  • Provide effective, affordable tools and services for promoting shows and reaching local music lovers.

The music "industry" only promotes about 1% of all live music.
We support the other 99%.

Get connected
Whether your preferred connection is web, mobile, social, or personal, Local Music Vibe is there: connecting communities with music.