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Jared Lanell

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Jared Lanell
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Jared Lanell


Jared Lanell is an entertainer. He plays the drums, guitar, and piano. In addition he writes and produces.


Jared Lanell started out playing african drums at 5 years old with Chicago's "Hooked On Drums" Group. Jared was a quick learner and soon became a featured djembe fola/soloists.

At the age of 9, Jared Lanell was caught sneaking into his uncle's studio. He turned on the interface and started bumping music. When his uncle, Vincent Brown (founder and C.E.O. of C.I.A. Records LLC) heard the music he couldn't believe his ears. Jared was a natural so Vincent was eager to show him the basics and help him develop his skills as a producer, singer, and lyricist.

Jared Lanell's talent and scope has expanded to include the acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard, and traditional drums. He is signed to C.I.A. Records along with other young artists (i.e. Tyler Fonts and Jake Mela) and records at Chi-Brella Ent. Studios under the mentorship of Vincent Brown.

Jared Lanell (founder of J-Red Productions) is an extraordinary talent in the making. Come join and enjoy the journey!

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