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Mike Bolante

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Mike Bolante
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Mike Bolante

Born and raised in Manila, DJ and Music Producer, Mike Bolante was classically trained since the age 4 and eversince had music as a vital part of his life.

From playing in bands to DJing, he was a natural. He seemed like he was going to pursue music for his career but he like most people relented and took the conventional path; he pursued a normal business career and worked 9 to 5 positions in banking and consulting. He however remained engaged in his musicdoing it part-time for his love of performing music.

After a successful career in the business world, he decided to attend graduate school in the US thinking he would pick up where he left off. Strangely enough, it is where he rediscovered his passion for music. He found himself DJing once again while in school. As he graduated and came to the crossroads of his life, he had the choice of taking job offers from prominent firms but he decided against and felt it was the perfect time to take a chance at a new career. It was the right time to take his music career to the next level. He started DJing in lounges, pubs, and private parties; any chance he could get, he took it. He also started delving in production and worked on both remixes and his own music.

Rejuvinated, he sent his tracks and demos to every reputable artist he emulated and could think of, it took a lot of patience and perseverance on his end. Finally, Ray Roc, founder of ROCit Records and one of NYC’s most respected DJs, took notice and took him on as an apprentice. Soon after, he saw Mike’s business acumen and entrepreneurial capability; he had him on board as ROCit Records Marketing and Promotions Manager. Now, he has elevate himself as a partner and its Label Manager.

His journey to date, has taken him to the cities of LA, Scottsdale, Chicago, and NYC to name a few. He has been fotunate enough to able to work with top artists such as Andy Caldwell, Scott K., Ray Roc, Larry Tee, Maurice Joshua, Mark Grant, Julius The Mad Thinker, and a lot more. It only looks to get better for Mike as he goes on with his performing career and releases his tracks and remixes. In addition to such a busy schedule, he also is working on film scores for his partnership with film advertising and production outfit in LA.

He also promotes and has been working alongside established Chicago pomoters Tommy Z, Bobby Pins, and Miguel Castro. He currently holds residencies at The Zoo Tuesdays and Incognito LA at King King . He is also a regular at Spy Bar and multiple clubs in and around Chicago.

Watch out for this future media mogul and promising artist when he comes to your city.

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