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Mok Lauren

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Mok Lauren
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Mok Lauren

born as a musician player, plunk into music as young boy, passing through music experiences in rock bands and live exhibitions.
increase knowledge of sounds through a constant and ever-growing passion for all music in general..expecially soul, funk, and electronic in all its shades.

turntablist since 2003

co-creator and dj of: QimiQ / le ninfee carry on, QroniQ carry on, mosquito acid valley, good life festival, STiLL, jet market, Qore, club culture super style, magnetic events, BLAQ SHiP Collective...

guest dj at: il muretto (venezia), le plaisir (sirmione), alterego (verona), doctor sax carry on (torino), classic carry on (rimini), varianti festival, sound hills festival, sunrider music conference, fresh n'fruit (padova), e-mission festival, tba (pescara), nouveau casino (paris), moog (barcelona), the flame music dept (milano), bolgia (bergamo), florida (brescia) ecc..

played with: bloody mary, len faki, marcel dettmann, ben klock, magda, chris liebing, speedy j, dj murphy, felix krocher, dasha rush, konrad black, marc houle, gaiser, jamie jones, andrew grant, adam beyer, damian lazarus, tini, ryan crosson, nina kraviz, josé de divina, someone else, 2000 and one, paul ritch, dinky, tony rohr, abe duque ecc..

2011: co-founder of the Blaq Ship Collective, a crew of djs, artists and dear friends.. resident at alterego club!

1 tone of the " 2 tONE bEAT" project with Dandi

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