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Nik Ridley

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Nik Ridley
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(303) 522-9414
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Nik Ridley

Artist Statement:

I am a mixed-media artist. Music, Word, and Design are the foundations that I lay my work upon, and I incorporate them in all that I do. My perspective is that all forms of art are, in their bare essence, shades of the same Source. I believe that the “shades” are mirrors, and an outlet for humanity to experience itself, learn, and grow.

My approach to the craft is pretty simple: BE authentic. Only when art comes from within, does it liberate the artist, and the audience experiencing it. Authenticity is the “thing” that moves us. The glue that binds. The Truth that we all truly seek. Whether a specific font or the right snare, the art must BE authentic.

Producer, "The Kaye Hill Consequence" (EP/2012)
Playwright, Masque, the Musical (2011)
Music Feature, Art Mecca LIVE (2011)
Theater Instructor, Camp H.E.R.O – Manual H.S. (2001)
Actor, An Evening With Nina (Simone) (2011)
Author, Only Love Will Save Us (2010)
Spoken Word Feature, Denver Open Media (2009)
Music Production: Metroglyphs vol. 1/2 (Urban) (2007)
Music Production: Tripped.Out vol. 1/2 (House) (2006)
Resident Artist, Euell Wilson Center (2006)
Instructor, Art from Ashes, Inc. (2006)
Assistant Education Director, Cleo Parker-Robinson Dance Co. (2006)
Author, Del Sol (2006)
Resident Artist, Weisser Youth Center (2005)
Resident Artist, Fort Wayne African-American Museum (2004)
Resident Artist, Gove Middle School – Denver Public Schools (2003)
Founder, Mesmat Arts, Inc. (1999-2003)
Member, Purdue University Haraka Writers (1993-97)
Feature, Purdue University Cultural Arts Series (1996)

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