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Romance Not In Fashion

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Romance Not In Fashion



Romance Not In Fashion (RXF) are a Malaysia rock band formed in 2008 from Shah Alam. The band's members are CJ (lead vocals and lead guitar), Shahrin (guitar), Iqeat (bass guitar) and Acab (drums and percussion).

Lead singer-songwriter CJ, and bassist Iqeat started playing together after TWACC (There Was A Car Crash) band broke up, that was a very first stage of RXF. It all started at CJ’s house one night together they write the first single “Hate is the strong word” and decided to call the band Romance Not In Fashion. Start with only 3 persons actually with Aizat the former drummer for TWACC in that time but Aizat left for life commitment. Today Aizat still remain as substitute drummer for RXF. Later CJ came out another single “Since You” for RXF and there is where their music started to get spread out. CJ always have problem singing while playing guitar, to solve the problem they already tried out few people but most of them fail to give what the band needs.

After few people in and out from the band, CJ personally offered to Shahrin to be the band 2nd guitarist. That time CJ and Shahrin is a long friend he knew from forum i-bands.net. To share the same interest in audio recording, Shahrin play together with RXF. Acab was invited after CJ saw Acab thread looking for a band to drumming in i-bands.net.

They are releasing their free download demo “The Ratchet” at their website which includes 4 demos “Hate is the strong word”, “Since You”, “Moon Runners” and “No Where”. “No Where” is the songs that make RXF get well known fast also the band called it the killer song? They used to get a show case at Lepak Caf� before the place closed down. Their new single for up coming EP, “Romance, Not Fashion!” just released on June 2010.

Today, without any chance to get their song aired in Radio they still maintain to work hard to let people know for the music they made. To find more listeners is something important to them.

"I always thought I wanted to be able to play any song you could name. But once I started RXF, that's when I really started to understand music." -cjrxf

All the song are recorded in CJ home studio in Shah Alam. False Kontrol Studio

To contact for event,gig or show, kindly proceed to message us here or Iqeat

** Its not a promise in case you're wondering. :)

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