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The Enemy That Doesn't Exist
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Acoustic Guitar
Alt Rock
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Corlson has been making music on his own terms for years. His work in 'No Flowers No Wedding Dress' and comically metal named 'db Threshold' illustrate this perfectly. He isn't waiting to be discovered, just making music a shade left of centre, melodic, slightly skewed, with honest and thoughtful lyrics.

Following his muse from band to band Corlson moves on unregarded and seemingly caring little for the lack of regard. All the while living his life, eating his vegetables and raising a family of four children.

As Corlson puts it ' personal happiness and reward come from within and from those you share you love with. Not from material success or some kind of mass adoration.'

So if you like hidden things, if you like to be out of step or ever dreamt of building your own parallel universe maybe you should have a listen and love something made with love that you can share and make your own.

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