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Steven Mramor (Witch and Toad)

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Witch and Toad
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Steven Mramor (Witch and Toad)

Steven Mramor
Raven Dana
Troy Seymour
Cathy Finegan

Steve Mramor, came from a musical family and was raised in his Ohio home with his parents who sang, and a father who played in a band for his entire life. Steve is a self taught guitarist who started his musical career in a high school band. After nearly 30 years, his love of playing music was reawakened when he heard Raven and her daughter singing in a local coffee house. They started sharing their original music and “Witch and Toad” was born!

Raven Dana, originally a native of New York is a self taught guitarist who has been writing music since she was 14, and singing since she was in first grade. Music was woven through her childhood, and singing with her family remains one of her fondest memories. She says “Music is magic and medicine, a force that brings people together.”

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