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Ford explorer smuggling .... residing in country back woods with taco stands on every other corner... cartier frames with timberland boots rocking windbreakers with an accent that isn't recognizable.... able to tounge twist words lyrically at a speed that's not common.... or slow it down at a slower pace

Hailing from a small isolated country town Calhoun, Georgia born and raised rap icon and fellow skater Mark Strickland better known as Strick or Marco Sancho

Strick wasn't like most of the artist in the south because of his northern flow and lyrical writing style.... influenced from early 90's hip hop and rap. Because of his choice of musical taste the southern crowd didn't really recognize his talent....

Later on as a teenager strick then started to expeirment with freestyling during school and with close friends which eventually turned into him performing at his highschool prom and releasing mixtapes recorded on karaoke machines and sold as mixtapes....

To make a long story short strick had made a name for his self in the underground scene in Northwest Georgia and surrounding States. After taking a break from music to focus on College, Strick was persuaded to get back into music from close friend and also soon to be manager Lenon Caine. After a year past Strick decided to part from indie label SummerHouseSound's but was recognized for his feature on labelmate/Producer DjDirtyD's single Fastlane which caught a local buzz

A year afterwards Strick caught attention of indie label Vigalanti records. During one session Label owner was convinced Strick was a fresh breath of air. Strick later on was introduced to a close friend of label owner william thompson(vigalanti records) with an oppurtunty to get on with Universal, even though they felt as Strick still needed some polishing up Strick was offered a single album deal with Vigalanti Records..

After a good year working on his album Back to Business with Vigalanti Strick decided to depart from the label because of some issuses with the contract...

Now Strick is working on his new self independent project under figur4..Strick has done shows with Jose Guapo, Chingo Bling, Sean Paul of YoungBloodz, Jackie Chain, Rocko Da Don, Gucci Mane. Look for his new single's "High on the Inches" and "Smoking that Fruity ft Killer Mike" which will be available soon on I'tunes and other online music stores early 2012.

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