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TAJ En'Phiniti is a STAR FAN Club

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TAJ En'Phiniti is a STAR FAN Club
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TAJ En'Phiniti is a STAR FAN Club


TAJ En’Phiniti’s life and musical journey is filled with many layers of struggles, heartaches, and resiliency. From the beginning, at the tender age of three, TAJ knew she could sing but she didn’t understand that her gift of music would lead her on a path of unforgettable memories and experiences that would shape her life.

TAJ Enphiniti was born in Dallas, TX, the fifth of ten children by Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Williams Sr. TAJ’s up-bringing resembled so many others who grew up in the South, attending church seven days a week. Her only worldly exposure was in school and the occasional stories she heard from her older siblings and friends. No outside influences were allowed. All the girls in the family had to wear long dresses to the floor and no one was privy to listening to secular music or non-religious television. Since the only music they could listen to was Christian and Gospel, the siblings started their first group called the “Williams Kids”.

Soon after the group was formed, the climate and structure of the household changed. The family as they knew it would change and change forever. Ricky Williams Sr. was incarcerated and sentenced to life in prison, no parole. Young TAJ didn’t understand why her father, whom she was very close with, was now absent from her life. He always encouraged and inspired her to sing. Now with her father’s departure TAJ’s joy for singing transformed into anger, anxiety and emptiness. As a result of the difficulties and challenges at home, TAJ was separated from her family and placed into foster care.

TAJ eventually returned home to her family after three and a half years. (One year in foster care and two years living with her god-sister in Ohio). To create some sort of normalcy in their lives, the siblings formed another gospel group. This reincarnation called “All for Christ” (A.F.C.) rose to the national stage. TAJ excelled as one of the lead singers and the group eventually was featured on the “Dr. Bobby Jones Show”. Unfortunately the success of the group was short lived as group infighting and internal family issues continued to linger.

After the dismantling of AFC, the family spontaneously moved to Atlanta for a fresh start to a tumultuous past. Months in the Peach State seem to be doing the family good until one day when TAJ returned home from one of her three part- time jobs, everyone was gone. (The family was living in a hotel at this point) The family had suddenly moved to Virginia. TAJ was left to fend for herself, alone and destitute.

Now more determined and focused than ever; TAJ began recording as a solo artist. Her hard work and fortitude lead her to cross paths with some of the industries major players. TAJ has been blessed to record, work and perform with both national and international artists, producers and songwriters; like Rodney Jerkins, Rico Love, Kandi Burruss, Adonis Shropshire, Musiq Soulchild, Sean Garrett and many more. TAJ did not want to limit herself to just singing; she took a leap of faith into the world of acting, realizing at that point, she was not just a singer she was an entertainer. TAJ was now acting in notable stage plays with some amazing actors such as Clifton Powell, Allan Payne, Malik Yoba, Jackie Harry, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Ralph Tresvant, LisaRae, A.J. Johnson and many others. Her love for acting was born.

TAJ En’Phiniti knows that the road to success won’t be easy because the path that she has taken thus far has been filled with bumps and bruises. Each bump made her wiser. Each bruise continues to make her stronger. TAJ En’Phiniti is posed to carve her own imprint and impact into the world of music and entertainment from “En’Phiniti to beyond”! Someone once said that "only a fool confuses fate with destiny. Fate is what happens to us. Destiny is what we make in spite of our fate." Truer words could have not been spoken for singer, songwriter and actress TAJ En’Phiniti. Here she stands on the brink of greatness but the road to get to this point has been long and winding.

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