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Tattu - music producer / composer / music director

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Tattu - music producer / composer / music director
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Tattu - music producer / composer / music director

Tattu, born on 7th of March, in Calcutta. Did his schooling from Calcutta Boys’ School and graduated from Calcutta University in commerce. From very childhood, interested in music. Learnt guitar and keyboards and started to compose his own music from the age of 13.

After graduation, decided to take music as profession and started to work as assistant music director. After working for few days as assistant, he started to work independently and worked in Albums like ELOMELO, NOSTALGIC ETHNIC and many other. At the same time he was composing background music for corporate films, documentary films, jingles and so on.

After one year, he decided to move to Mumbai, to work as independent Music Director / Composer. Its been 7 years, he is making his own music for feature films, t.v serials, short / documentary / corporate films, music albums, background score.

Writing poetry has always fascinated him and he keeps on writing whenever time permits. A strong believer of Astrology, always keeps searching for new things. This spiritual man always says “IF MUSIC BE THE FOOD OF LOVE, THEN PLAY ON AND ON AND ON….”

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