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How to Add or Import Shows

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Follow these easy steps to post your live music show, anywhere in the world. Log in and click on the Add Your Show link on the upper right or look for the [Import/Add Show] in your My Stuff (user profile).

Quick Start

Is your show already an event on Facebook? Upload your show with our Facebook import. Look for the [Import/Add Show] on your My Stuff page or above on the Add Your Show link and paste in the event URL and submit. Once the show has been imported, you can edit it and add more information if you like.

See troubleshooting tips here. Once the show has been imported, you can edit it and more information if you like.

To add a show manually: Simply complete the 5 required steps. If you need more detailed instruction scroll down.

1) Show Name: Just the band or event name will do (up to 75 characters).
2) Venue: Pick from our list of venues. Or add it if we don't have it.
3) Image: Got a 250x250 graphic? If not, try Google Images.
4) From Date: When is your show?
5) Save: That's all we need - as soon as you click save it's live (but you can always add more).

Detailed Instructions

Show Name: In most cases, simply add the band name or the name of the event (The Beatles or Open Mic). Do not put the venue, town or date in this field.

Venue: Slowly start typing the name of the venue. When you see what you are looking for, highlight the correct name and click it. A Node ID Number such as [nid:123] will appear next to the name letting you know that it is in our database. If the venue for your show is not listed in our database, you will need to Add Venues before you create your show. You can search for venues by name or location here.

Image: (3 options)
Upload option - Browse for an image that is saved on your computer and click Upload. It must be a .jpg, .png, .gif or .jpg and be less than 3 MB. Avoid special characters in your file name !@#$%^&*()+? and make sure your image is 250 pixels by 250 pixels or larger. You will see a thumbnail version of it after it loads.
Remote URL option - Add the direct URL of an image that is hosted elsewhere on the web. It must end in .png, .gif or .jpg. Click Transfer and you will see a thumbnail version of it after it loads.
Reference existing option - Start typing the file name of an image that you have used before in a show post. The database will auto-complete the name (with its Node ID Number) and you can choose it. Click select and you will see a thumbnail version of it after it loads.

From Date: Add the month, day, year, hour, minute and AM or PM. Be sure to select AM or PM carefully. The To Date is not required. This refers to the time that the event ends and should not be used to create a repeating event (see Repeat below).

Save: At this point, you have completed all the required elements and should scroll to the bottom and click on the Save button before adding anything else. Once you save your show it is live immediately. You will see Edit above your post and you can add more information or make changes.

Repeat - Set a show to repeat.

Repeat: To make a show repeat, please click on the Repeat link that is below the date field and also expand the Advanced section. There you can set your show to repeat for multiple days (such as every Thursday) or tell it to repeat within a specific time frame (such as every third Thursday). An "until" date (a date to stop repeating) is required. You can also expand the Except section to omit a date from the list of repeating dates (such as a holiday) and if you need to omit more than one, expand Additional.
Best practice - In many cases, it is more desirable to copy (clone) a show and change the pertinent info (such as date and performer) than to set it to repeat. You may copy your own events from your My Stuff area. Copied events receive user points for each instance while repeating events only receive points for the first show that is created. Learn how to Promote Your Show with points here.

Artists, Ticket Prices, Show Type and Description - Add these optional fields.

Artist: Select an artist - Slowly start typing the name of the artist and select your desired performer. You will see the artist's name and the Node ID Number. If you do not see the artist, it means they do not have an artist page. (Do not leave random text without a Node ID Number in this field or the show will not save properly. If you see an error that says "Artist: found not valid post with that title." It is because there are extraneous characters or spaces in the field.)
Note: You can always come back and tag an artist once an artist page has been created. Look for the Add Artists link to create an artist page.

Price: Add a single line of text. Example: $10 or No Cover

Show Type (max. 3): Check up to 3 boxes.

Description: Add an event description. You can paste in text from another source.

Facebook, Website, YouTube and Other Links - Expand this section to add these fields.

Facebook: Add a link to a Facebook event. The title of the link will appear as on the finished show listing.

Website: Add a link to a website. The title of the link will appear as "Website" on the finished show listing.

External Link: Add a link to any website. The Title (on the left) is the text that will appear in your show listing. The URL (on the right) is where the user will be re-directed to an external site. To display more than two links, click Add Another Item.

Video Code: Add the URL or embed code from sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. A video player will be embedded on your show listing. Hint - Use the basic YouTube URL even though there are a few links that go to the same video.

good link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iReyS8--xDM

bad link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=iReyS8--xDM

bad link - http://youtu.be/iReyS8--xDM

Save: Scroll down and click Save . You will see the completed version of your show and can make changes immediately by using the edit button at the top. Find any of your previously created shows, venues, artists or news posts in your My Stuff area.

Please Contact Us with any questions or use the brown Feedback tab on the left.