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Interview with CHEVONNE, on the popular show: "The Voice"!!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 4:24pm

Artist: CHEVONNE -- songstress, vox, keys, saxophone

Genre: rock and soul under a pop umbrella :)

A little bio about the one and only Chevonne from the popular show: "The Voice". She was #TeamCeeLo on Season 3 of NBC's The Voice!!!! Who’s that funk-nasty jersey girl with the mile-high red ‘fro? she’s chevonne.
Chevonne’s about to explode, and she’ll get crazy on you.
Former background singer to estelle and lady gaga and was on the "The Voice", I only see high hopes for this independent artist.

Want to help her out????

Then I have a solution for you: Donate to her Kickstarter http://kck.st/UIm1gR every penny counts and it will mean the world to her. If you donate she will be able to make a music video and plenty of her high energy music, just for you!!!!

Below are the responses to the fans dying questions:

1. How has Kickstarter helped your music career so far?

Just the fact that I can get on Kickstarter and set up a place to fund my album independently along with fans and listeners is so revolutionary, so groundbreaking. I don't have a label, an agent, or a manager. I am creating this record on my own and as one individual, albeit an extremely hardworking one, I just can't afford to do it on my own. It is still on me to make the financial goal I have set--if I don't make the set amount, all the pledged money is returned to people who have backed me--but it is very special that I will be able to make a record independently because of Kickstarter. And backers--this includes people who donate even just one dollar--will have direct creative input during the making of the album. They are truly instrumental in crafting my debut into the music industry landscape.

2. If you could say anything to the people that donated to Kickstarter, what would you tell them?

Thank you for making it possible for me to continue my career. This album is going to put food on my table, gas in my car, juice to create my live show and start touring. YOU all are my support system, my foundation. I love you and I can't possibly repay you for your generosity and faith in me, but I will give you this token of my heart and soul…this album is the most honest representation of who I am and my purpose in the world.

3. How would you describe Kickstarter to any fan you meet and how is it important to your music career?

Kickstarter IS my music career right now. I need fans and listeners' help to fund my debut album and a music video! Even the smallest donation comes with rewards like special YouTube dedications, clothing I wore on The Voice, special access to bonus music and art, a walk-on role in the video, exclusive Chevonne mercy with customizations by me. It is a fun way to help me as an independent artist, while being a part of the music and art yourself! This is the new way to support indie music; this is the new business model for this generation's up and comers. Record and management deals are one in a billion nowadays, so why should we let that stop us from creating awesome music?

4. How has being on the show: The Voice, changed the way you view the music industry?

I did not necessarily believe in reality television as a viable springboard for a music career, before doing "The Voice." The people who put the show together believe in artists. They believe in independent music. They use their clout as one of the top-rated shows on primetime TV to create an all-media-spanning platform for us with more outreach than we could ever have on our own. Although we are singing covers, the show creates an environment where we can learn and grow as artists, both musically and visually. We work with our superstar coaches, with the most amazing backing band, the most formidable wardrobe and hair/makeup team. The contestants on The Voice are given all the tools to dive in and build a fan base, to create a signature sound, to build their identity essentially!!!

5. What have you learned and got away from being on the show: The Voice?

I have learned that it is important for artists to stick together, even in a competitive atmosphere. We all became such close friends during the show, so all of the different "battle" or "knockout" rounds didn't feel dirty and mean-spirited. We all supported each other and cheered each other on. Even now, I text and tweet my friends and watch the live episodes, because really, we have all won just by being chosen to participate in the show. When we are all out there making original music, there will be competition there too: to top the charts, to win awards, to sell records and concert tickets. It is important to remember that this is art. This is entertainment!!!. There is nothing to fight over; we are all in this as a special, funny little tribe of people who were born to make people smile and dance, plus forget their troubles :)

6. What image were you trying to show to the audience on The Voice?

I wanted to show them the real me. I love to have fun and be fiery, plus high-energy onstage. I am into rock and soul music, but I am a pop fanatic. Movement and style is extremely important to my whole vibe and I take pride in making bold and unexpected choices. One thing I will never be is boring!

And above all, no matter what you see onstage, I am always happy and grateful to perform and sing. I will always be the same girl from New Jersey who works hard to achieve her life's dream. I haven't forgotten anyone who has helped me along the way and I value professionalism, compassion, generosity, and humility. I am not concerned with fame or stardom; I want to move people and make them smile/dance. I want to spread happiness and joy!

7. What advice do you have for other musicians out there that are trying to have their voice heard to the public?

Social media gives you the power to talk to your fans. Ask them questions! Find out what they like and what they would like to see you do. Develop your signature sound, your personal style, the feel of your lyrics, the message in your music. People gravitate towards honesty and confidence -- they can tell if you are trying to be something you are not. Be staunchly, strongly, and excitingly YOU!!!. Then the fans and the success will come on their own :)

8. How do you stand out from the rest and what steps do you do to make that happen?

Bigness! Big hair, big shoes, a big voice, plus big and catchy songs. Onstage you can turn yourself up to the highest level and I love that. Offstage I am actually pretty reserved and chill, so to be able to let out that other, more flamboyant and punk side of myself; through my music and my performance is the most awesome release for me.

I've worked super hard to hone my vocal technique and maintain good control over my voice, so that I can give myself the freedom to tell the stories in my songs and work a crowd. I use every element to tell those stories: the draping of my outfit, the movement of my hair, my facial expressions. What makes a good artist is paying attention to every detail, thinking hard about it, and then throwing it all out the window before stepping onstage and letting the crowd's energy direct you. It's easy to make it look hard, but it's hard to make it look easy!

9. Where and who is your inspiration for your music?

I love the classic showmen: Prince, Bette Midler, Freddie Mercury, Dave Grohl, Cee Lo. They know how to combine incredible performances with undeniable music and lyrics. They believe in every step they take on that stage, every word they sing. They have all built their own genres; they cannot be defined in one word, like "pop" or "rock".

I also gravitate towards big, glam rock bands from the 80s; they were unafraid to do the gender-bending visuals and the bigger-than-life vocals/choruses. Soul girl groups also influence me; of course, I have been a background singer so they have to! I love the way they were able to mix coy restraint with bold swagger and feminine strength.

10. How would you describe yourself in one word and why?

Chevonne!!! Because there's no one like me. I love myself and have worked so hard to get to that point; I believe in my choices and am committed to being myself, all the time. You have gotta meet me -- listen to my songs, watch me perform live -- to really understand who I am as a person and an artist!!!

11. What do you want your fans to know about you that they might not know already?

I am nice!!! And I am so very approachable :). People have recognized me when I am out and about; sometimes they seem afraid to talk to me. Don't be!! I love giving hugs and chatting, and I am so appreciative of anyone who is watched me on The Voice or seen any of my performances throughout the years. I will always be the same chick…I am not interested in that whole "diva" mentality.

12. Where do you see yourself going 10 years from now?

Still out there rocking and looking fabulous, but with 2 little kids beside me! It is my dream to balance family life and a career in the arts. That is the life right there.