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Interview with Joy Island!!! Opened for LMFAO!!!

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Thursday, November 1, 2012 - 12:57pm

Band: Joy Island

Genre: Dance-Pop!!!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Members of Joy Island and a way to connect with them!!!:

Josh- Vocals

Johnny- Drums

I had the honor and privilege to interview Joy Island. Joy Island was on the show, Opening Act on E!. They opened for LMFAO, which they are huge fans of and if you not had a chance to watch that episode I recommend you do. Joy Island is a band that I can't put into words because when I think of them I think of a party that should not be stopped. I would like to present to you the interview with Joy Island, can I get a drum roll!!!!

Here are the tough questions I asked them that all fans are dying to find out:

1. Where did you guys get the idea for the name of your band?

We wanted to create something that represented that we're a self-contained party. We're a dancey, fun band that wants you to feel like you're away from the world when you are having a good time.

2. What did you guys learn as a band after being a part of the show "Opening Act" on E!?

We learned that LA is a crazy place, and to not trust anyone... but it is still a good time, so we are chillin here for a little bit.

3. How has being on television changed your view of the music industry?

Well to be honest, being on television ended up having nothing to do with the music industry.

4. What thoughts came to your heads when you found out you were opening for LMFAO?

We initially thought it was a joke. But after we started realizing that it was actually happening, I think our first reaction was to just be stoked for the opportunity. In previous interviews whenever we were asked who would be a good fit for us to tour with in the future we had always said LMFAO and Madonna.

5. Where did you get the idea/inspiration for the song "Wish You Were Here"?

I feel like missing someone is something that people can relate to. Whether it is when you are out at a party with people or when you are home alone. If there is someone special to you in some way and they are not there with you, then this is a shout out to them.

6. What do you guys want your fans to know about you that they might not know already?

That our favorite reality tv show right now is Call of the Wildman! Live Action! yiiiyeeyeyeyeyeyeehh!

7. Do you guys think your music changes the world and how so?

I dunno if it changes the world, but we hope that when people listen to our records it brings up good feelings and sometimes those have a way of changing how someone’s world is going that day.

8. What challenges did you guys go through as a band and how have you overcome them?

Trying to fake that we had a dj. Now we just don’t have a dj.

9. What are you guys thinking when you go on stage?

Johnny: All I can think about is getting behind my kit and rocking the fuck out of it!!!

Josh: I am usually clearing my head and going over any last minute changes we have added or things I want to remember to say that night.

10. What advice would you like to give to other musicians out there?

Taco Tuesdays at Del Taco.

11. Where do you guys see your band 10 years from now?

Ten years is a long time, we’re just trying to live in the moment and take Joy Island as far as we can.

12. If your fans could give you guys anything for a gift, what would it be and why?

Jim Beam and pizza. We love pizza (haha) ;)

We just want everyone to know that the new EP 'FRE$H AS F#CK' is out on iTunes all over the place and you can also download a cover we did of As Long as You Love Me for FREE right from our Official SoundCloud page @ http://soundcloud.com/joyisland/as-long-as-you-love-me-cover !