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Interview with Satellite!!!

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012 - 3:27pm

Band: Satellite

Genre: Rock

Hometown: Nashville, TN

Here are the dashing members of the band:

Steven McMorran

Mitch Allan

Josh Dunahoo

Erik Kertes

Below are Steven's responses to the fans dying questions:

1. How does your band differ from millions of bands out there?

For starters, this is the only band we made together. Second, the question implies we should have to be different and third, I think the people listening should answer that before we do. I think we are different for a lot of reasons, but don't expect them to be the same as yours. However, I will say that I would not have devoted my life to it, risked financial ruin, and worked this hard for this long on something i didn't HAVE to see made.

2. Where did you get the idea for your video, "Say The Words" and what messages are you trying to express through that video?

The video... I am pretty sure I went off the deep end for a little while. It is meant to convey all the things I am thinking about when I sing the song, but I didn't want it to feel like a collage with all the home-movie clips. So I started editing the flying stuff together to say something about this "modern-isolation" some of us feel. We could rise above that modern isolation if we would just admit how lonely we get. Who the hell says I should base my life off of what some 17 yr old version of myself. Anticipating I would have it figured out by now?

Faulkner's speech (which is incredible) mentions forgotten "truths". I put it in to remind myself that being real starts with being real with myself. Sometimes not burning my life down means admiring how I sometimes want to. That is proven itself to be not that uncommon among the people I meet.

3. How has music changed your life?

Music ties into what it means to be human, so this question is kind of like asking "how has language changed your life". I guess music says what words can't. We all get changed by it in some way or another. I have heard songs can be like friends because maybe they are proof someone else has felt the way you feel. I agree because songs tie into almost all my memories of feeling like I am a part of something bigger than myself. How does music NOT change your life? is the real question.

4. What thoughts were going through your head when you made the album: Calling-Birds?

It is about the last 5 years of my life. What thoughts HAVEN'T gone through my head in the last 5 years? literally.
The record is made up of songs that stemmed out of something honest. So I held on to them. It is not always easy to be real and these songs were what helped me hold on to myself in the middle of a lot of confusion.

5. As musicians, what messages are you trying to express in any song that you make?

Depends on the song I guess. I think I hope the songs on this record would make you look in the mirror and at least, consider the possibilities and consequences of one life to live. Maybe that's what they have done for me. maybe that is my ego, but I think it is genuine too.

6. What bands/musicians influence your music and how have they progressed into your lyrics?

There are so many artists that I believe. I hear what they are saying through their lyrics and then decide if I believe they mean them. The one's I believe are the ones I try to listen to. LATELY I have been going through older stuff I never really understood when I was a kid; dylan, paul simon, springsteen, willie nelson, harry neilson, johnny cash, roy orbeson, peter gabriel, tom waits. There is plenty of recent music that gets me too. Just been on a throw-back kick while cooking dinner.

7. Where did you get the idea for the name of your band?

Satellites are something distant and observant. I have felt like that a lot in my life; not in some cold way, or in some better way. Just some isolated observation of myself, my family, my history into adulthood. These songs are about my personal life looking at it from that place. Once it was time to name a band formed around them, it just fit the feeling I had towards it.

9. How did you meet your other band members?

We all met in los angeles. Josh and I met through other friends and played gigs together and I soon realized he is about the closest thing I will have to twin. Mitch and I met through songwriting sessions and stuff. We knew each other for years before we started the band and honestly we never saw this coming, until we were in the middle of it. Erik was different in that we met him through the band itself. He is a pretty well established musician and we needed a bass player. We quickly realized he was way more than that to us. Regardless of how me met, we have a history by now.