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Interview with Sheppard!!!! 4 Songs Featured on a Hollywood Slasher Movie, Called: Old 37!!!!

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Monday, November 19, 2012 - 12:27pm

Band: Sheppard

Genre: Indie Pop

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Members of the band:

Amy Sheppard

George Sheppard

Emma Sheppard

Jay Bovino

Below are their responses to my tough questions:

1. How did you guys meet each other?

Conveniently, George (co-lead singer) is my older brother and Emma (bass guitarist) is my younger sister. Growing up, we were always encouraged in music. After school, George went onto study acting and I stuck on the musical path. It wasn't until I wrote my first duet that I realized that George could sing-and very well at that!! After being a duo for a year we added in our third song writer, Jay Bovino. We had a great sound going, but needed a full band. We then added in Jared Tredly as drummer and Michael Butler as lead guitarist. The only thing that was missing was a bass guitarist. Our little sister Emma took up the challenge and learned the bass guitar in only a few months. She has been killing it and driving boys crazy!!!!

2. How has music changed your lives?

Amy- Writing my own music changed my life. I remember coming up with short melodies and lyrics from the age of about 6, but when I wrote my first complete song at the age of 12, I realized I could do something very empowering. I had things to say and when combined with music people would listen!! Music is my way of being creative and unique.

George- Once I taught myself the piano, my life was changed. I could write my own songs and once I started to work with Amy, everything took off. I went from being an Actor in Sydney to being a musician in Brisbane and my life has never been better.

Emma- I have only been playing music for about a year! My life has been changed completely!! I do bass guitar full time and worked very hard to get to a professional level. Since starting bass we have toured the world and done some incredible shows-priceless experience.

3. Where do you guys get your inspiration for your music?

Amy- It really depends, sometimes it's a significant event or person in our lives, sometimes it is another band, such as Coldplay or Fleetwood Mac and sometimes it is a country or culture. We often find inspiration from each other too. If one of us has come up with a cool melody, another will be inspired to find lyrics that fit and a song is born that way. Other times we will come up with an Indian sounding beat or Pacific sounding harmonies and create the music around that culture. There are many ways we gain inspiration, which keeps everything fresh and interesting.

4. What does your EP mean on a deeper level and where did you guys get your inspiration for the EP?

Amy- Our EP has been a long time coming. We finally found the "Sheppard sound" in those five songs. The EP is about empowerment!!! The songs we chose are meant to be inspiring and positive. They all have the common theme of being knocked down, but getting back up again. We drew inspiration from past relationships and also from our old home in Papua New Guinea with the islander feel.

5. What do you want your fans to know about you that they might not know already?

Amy- We are soon to be featured in a Hollywood slasher called "Old 37". The soundtrack features 4 of our songs and we get a cameo as well. We are super excited!! Georges acting dream of being in a Hollywood flick has come true!!

6. If you guys could tour with any band, who would it be and why?

Amy- It would probably have to be Coldplay!! They are living legends and to tour with them could be life changing. We take a lot of inspiration from them because they have quality music and amazing melodies!

7. What do you guys think when you are on stage?

Amy- Before I get on stage I am always a little bit nervous. Once we begin to play, the nervous energy transforms into pure excitement, which we then pass onto the audience. It's a whirlwind and before you know it, the show is over. It's an addicting rush!!!

George- I'm always trying to make sure that I'm having a good time. If I'm having a good time I know the audience is too. It's true-the audience can pick up on how you are feeling on stage.

Emma- I'm still in awe at the people who show up! I'm still new to performing so it is great to see the audiences receive us so well. It's really fun being on stage and once you come off, you just want to be back on.

8. What struggles as a band have you guys gone through and how have you overcome them?

Amy- Our biggest struggle was trying to find the right sound for our band. If you listen to our music from when we first began, you wouldn't believe it was the same band. We have been through years of developing our sound through different producers, added band members and endless hours of hard work. This is why we were super excited to release our debut EP, which we are 100% proud of.

Ultimately, throughout our career we will be constantly running into obstacles. In the end, it's these road blocks which will help us discover a more exciting route.

We are heading to the USA in November for a month of touring! We will be venturing to NYC, LA, Portland and Vegas! Head to our Facebook page for more info www.facebook.com/sheppardband