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Awna Teixeira + Duncan Phillips (Son of Utah Phillips)

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Awna Teixeira + Duncan Phillips (Son of Utah Phillips)
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The Stonehouse Old Brewery

107 Sacramento Street
Nevada City, CA 95959
(530) 265-5050
About this show

Awna Teixeira CD release tour
Duncan Phillips opening the show.

Awna Teixeira is best known as being one quarter of Roots stars Po’ Girl who have toured the World many times in the last 8 years winning fans and accolades at every stop.
The band decided to take a break in 2011 with Allison Russell touring and recording with Jeremy Lindsay from JT & the Clouds and Awna Teixeira holing up in a Chicago studio in March and April of this year with a bunch of musicians and Engineer Zach Goheen.
The results are astounding and way beyond what anyone could have expected; including the singer herself.
As I sit here open–mouthed, WHERE THE DARKNESS GOES brings a brand new freshness and new found eminence to Roots Music which I didn’t think possible anymore.
Songs like Stand Tall, Some Kind of Dream and The Little Review take you way up into the Blue Ridge Mountains without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home and title track Where The Darkness Goes is simply spellbinding as Awna’s voice takes on a resonance that will make people sit up and take notice and Teixeira’s voice very nearly reduced me to tears.
Bluegrass and the Folky end of Country that combine to form Roots Music always sounds very simple to the casual listener, but we all know how difficult it is to make a record this good while still sticking to the basics of those genres.
The musicianship throughout is quite exceptional throughout the album, with Zach Goheen working his magic behind the desk to bring out the best in everyone involved.
I’ll go as far as to say…….. WHERE THE DARKNESS GOES is the album that Nanci Griffith and Dolly Parton have both been trying to produce for several years and Awna Teixeira has taken the first steps on the ladder to emulate their success.


The Long Memory, www.thelongmemory.com/

As the son of Bruce, "Utah Phillips, Duncan Phillips began traveling on the road with his father in the winter of 2000. Utah referred to Duncan as his "road manager", but Duncan jokes that everyone knows his father couldn't be managed.
Bruce always had the dream of playing on stage together with his son, but as a kid, Duncan could never reconcile that in learning to play the guitar, he would be learning one of the very things that kept him separated from his father for so many years.

Duncan performed on stage just shortly after his dad's death in 2008.
Along with Utah's old road-worn Guild guitar, Duncan inherited the songs and stories of the people and places that his father wrote about over his forty plus years of wandering the country.
In Duncan's own words: "Well, even though he may be gone, every time I'm on the stage, he is there with me and this is my story, so far...
...oh yeah, I do live in Utah."