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 LiveMusicThatMovesYou - Four fun bands to get you moving

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LiveMusicThatMovesYou - Four fun bands to get you moving
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Brick & Mortar Music Hall

1710 Mission St
San Francisco, CA 94103
About this show

That's right, four great bands to get you up and moving are coming to Brick & Mortar in San Francisco.

Headlining is award-winning Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me.

Ben Fong-Torres, Former Senior Editor of Rolling Stone Magazine said, "People keep comparing him to other artists, but I think he just sounds like Curt Yagi, and that is plenty good enough. This is one excellent singer and songwriter."

Also featuring...
Sans Pablo - Heavy funk and neo-soul
Bigelow's Treehouse - Upbeat blues shuffle and a funk groove
Austin Pidgeon - West coast mellow with a hint of reggae

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Curt Yagi & The People Standing Behind Me


San Francisco based singer songwriter Curt Yagi has been on a tear through the Bay Area music scene. The 2008 Best of the Bay Singer Songwriter (SF Bay Guardian) and RAW San Francisco Musician of the Year recently had his song "Sweep Me" included on the very popular KFOG Local Scene 8 CD in the...

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Sans Pablo


Sans Pablo is an international band of talented musicians known to pack the house and get the dance floor moving. Their 8-piece ensemble dishes out heavy funk and neo-soul with deep roots in improv based jazz and blues. Their fans are dedicated and they love to get down at our shows! A night...

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Bigelow's Treehouse


The Oakland based band Bigelow's Treehouse has the musical ability & mojo to get any dance floor moving. Formed out of a passion for performing live, Bigelow's Treehouse was started by Mike Bond (drums) and Andrew Balmat (Guitarist/Vocals). After playing with a number of the different Bass...