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Melissa Ferrick with Anne Heaton at the Irving

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Melissa Ferrick with Anne Heaton at the Irving
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the Irving

5505 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219
(317) 356-3355
About this show

Melissa Ferrick with Anne Heaton
Wednesday, December 5th
8:00pm / doors 7:30pm
$17 / $20 (DOS)

Melissa Ferrick has a great deal to show for two decades in the music industry. There is the expansive body of work, mapped out over the sixteen albums that comprise her career to date, nearly all of which she distributed herself. There are the stories of the crisscrossed world and the things she has both gained and lost in her wake. There is the fervent fan-base that has grown with Ferrick, which has waited patiently for her latest opus for the preceding three years. Above all there is the sound, a voice burnished by breakdowns and breakthroughs, refined over the twenty years she has been doing this.

And now, there is Still Right Here, the sum of these hard-earned parts set to music, Ferrick’s gorgeous purpose unspooling over the ten tracks that comprise the album. “This is the record I’ve wanted to make for a long time,” explains Ferrick. “The sound of it – the songwriting is definitely a step above where I was a few years ago.”

Anne Heaton is an American pop-influenced folk singer/songwriter and pianist from Boston. She majored in liberal studies at the Notre Dame, and grew up in the Chicago suburb of Wilmette. She regularly toured with "Live from New York" on the eastern coast of the United States. Heaton generally tours and performs with multi-instrumentalist Frank Marotta. She was trained in classical music and turned down a scholarship to study at Boston's Berklee School of Music in classical piano. In an interview with The New York Times Online, Heaton said she gave up classical piano because she found it too inhibiting and exact. Thinking she would one day be a philosophy professor, Heaton pursued philosophy and theology at the University of Notre Dame.