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Strange Victory presents: Endless Boogie, Call of the Wild, Blackout, and Hardbodies

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Strange Victory presents: Endless Boogie, Call of the Wild, Blackout, and Hardbodies
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Public Assembly (formerly Galapagos)

70 N 6th st
Brooklyn, NY
About this show

Strange Victory presents Endless Boogie, Call of the Wild, Blackout, and Hardbodies

November 24th, Public Assembly back room.
9:00pm / $10 / 21+

Event link: http://www.publicassemblynyc.com/?wtpage=event&id=4772
Tickets: http://www.ticketweb.com/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionD...

"Meet Endless Boogie, the best-kept secret in New York's rock scene. They have the best name (taken from John Lee Hooker's 1971 album), the best onstage vibe and the best head-nodding jams. In a sea of derivative and freshly outfitted young bands, Endless Boogie -- with a combined age of 169 and members who count Canned Heat as one of their influences -- doesn't have a big agenda. They just want
to rock with you, preferably all night long. "We try boogie sometimes, but boogie's hard," says guitarist Jesper Eklow (aka "The Governor") self-effacingly. "Boogie takes skill and we haven't honed those skills yet." The band's sound is a meltdown of metal, psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose of riffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics. It's thunderous and mellow at once. To put it another way, it goes well with beer. --Carol Lee of Paper Mag


What do you want to know about rock & roll that rock & roll can’t teach you, or hasn’t already? That it’s loud? That there are jackhammering guitars, death-defying bass, hollering vocals and drumming so hard and fast it could induce a heart attack? The full measure of cans-to-the-wall rock music is what Call Of The Wild’s debut Leave Your Leather On is all about. Guitarist Johnny Coolati, bassist Max Peebles and drummer Allison Busch (ex-Awesome Color, ex-Violent Ramp) are out to knock you on your ass with high-volume, relentless metallic rock & roll, party anthems for that leasebreaking session you’ve got lined up. Songs like “Choked Out,” “Breaking Shit” and “NY Ripper” were designed to ensure you’re never gonna get your security deposit back.


Hardbodies have been perfecting the Glam Wave genre in Brooklyn, NY since early 2012. What is a Hardbody? According to fictional beach philosopher, Scottie Palmer, they're "little foxes down by the beach." And while I agree with the great waterfront sage's statement, I would also argue in favor of a broader definition. I've spent countless hours in the Hardbody milieu, and the four assembled here: Bill French (Drums), Aduni Lemieux (Keys/Vocals), Sebastian Paulson (Guitar, Vocals) and Erik Schwertfeger (Bass), are the most cosmopolitan of cabals. Though all four currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, their one-hundred-twenty-plus years in the racket of American dreamin' have taken them far and wide. From the Great Lakes to the Gulf Shore, the Brooklyn Bridge to the Golden Gate, Chowder Bowls to Gumbo Pots, and every Bar Room in between, they stalk the "sound" and the "vision" with a fiendish ferocity I haven't paid witness to in many moons.