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The 2nd Annual Apocalyptic Pony Party!!!

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The 2nd Annual Apocalyptic Pony Party!!!
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El Rio

3158 Mission St
San Francisco, CA
(415) 282-3325
About this show

JUNKYARD ACADEMY (www.facebook.com/junkyardacademy) will be joining THE SUGAR PONIES (www.facebook.com/thesugarponies) and THE LIZ O SHOW (www.facebook.com/thelizoshow) for the 2nd Annual Apocalyptic Pony Party at El Rio!!!

El Rio is the perfect place to have a party. They have a pool table, shuffleboard, cheap drinks, games, and delicious Navajo fry bread! So put on your cowboy hats, grab a pony, and come on down to the Mission to celebrate the beginning of the Apocalypse and Liz O's CD Release. Which will definitely happen someday.

Liz O will be joined by a full band, hooray, and they will debuting some new material, and The Sugar Ponies will delight as usual, and Junkyard Academy will be raucous and awesome, and stuffed ponies will fly in the air, and before and after the show we can go play games and amuse the other bar patrons with our antics and costumes, and all in all it promises to be a glorious time.

At the first annual Apocalyptic Pony Party, relationships ended onstage and new ones began in the audience. People left the club bedecked in silly string and glitter and wigs and party hats. Here's to an even rowdier Apocalyptic Pony Party in 2012! Oh, and great music, too! : )

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The Liz O Show


A Liz O Show is like no other show in town. There are stuffed bears and drunken sailors and bawdy pirates and crowd-surfing ponies. There’s glitter and crayons and kazoos and cupcakes. There are people dancing around in party hats and wigs. There is merriment and frivolity and sheer unbridled...