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Wovenhand with 1939 Ensemble at Cozmic Pizza -- Fundraiser for WOW Hall

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Wovenhand with 1939 Ensemble at Cozmic Pizza -- Fundraiser for WOW Hall
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199 W 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 338-9333
About this show

On Tuesday, December 4, the CCPA welcomes Wovenhand at Cozmic Pizza along with special guests 1939 Ensemble.

In almost every documented encounter with the music of Wovenhand, what is described is an experience so visceral and so universally disorienting, that one has to take note. From the first measures of music, the taste of desert earth is on the lips; neck-hairs snap to attention as strange and unfamiliar sounds whisper just underneath the surge of guitar and the rumble of bass; clouds loom on the horizon promising either the balm of rain or the threat of judgment — it could be either. The smell of horses’ breath, like ash, carries with it messages from another place, a place that is at once very very far away and impossibly close... The music of Wovenhand is its own iconography, its own world, its own universe.

Wovenhand is a band from Denver, Colorado led by singer David Eugene Edwards. The music combines elements of neofolk, alternative country, post-rock, punk, industrial music, folk rock, old-time music and native American music, among other influences.

The band began in 2001 as a solo project for Edwards while 16 Horsepower was taking a hiatus. The first live shows were performed by Edwards and multi-instrumentalist Daniel McMahon and a self-titled debut album was released in 2002. Later recordings include 2003’s Blush Music, 2004’s Consider the Birds and 2006's Mosaict. 2008's Ten Stones was the first record from the group written and performed collaboratively – the project had thus evolved into a proper band, albeit with Edwards firmly at its head. Their fifth studio album, The Threshingfloor was released in June 2010.

September 2012 saw the release of Wovenhand's sixth studio album, The Laughing Stalk, described as featuring, "the most heavy incarnation that ever existed of Wovenhand."

The Laughing Stalk mines the bottomless chasm of a desperate man at the mercy of an inscrutable God; of one standing at the foot of a great mountain, the top of which is shrouded in cloud and mystery. What is there but power and terror? The urgency to reckon is palpable, is unavoidable. The rhythms are insistent, the guitars unyielding, and melodies are potent and unrestrained. David Eugene Edwards is as much a force of nature as ever, pulling the entire band forward with the strength of his voice, as if it had its own gravitational field. One can’t quite grab a hold of a singular style — each note is informed by the royal heritage's and traditions of punk, of country, of rock & roll, industrial, and Native American music. The hues and colors in the music are rich and deep.

But newer and unfamiliar elements are percolating and rising to the surface; there is rest; there’s hope, even joy. The Impenetrable becomes penetrable, and the inscrutable countenance of the Other becomes recognizable as an attentive look of compassion and tenderness. An insistent rhythm section that once heralded danger now provides the bedrock for dances of celebration, and turns of light shift minor melodies to major.

The depths and the heights of this land, the scale of it all, comes into view as the contrasts of light and dark, of terror and joy, stand in clearer relief. This is a big place. Perhaps Wovenhand’s finest record to date, The Laughing Stalk is the testament of a restless artist seeking to document his findings in a wild, untamed, and impossibly beautiful land.

1939 Ensemble are an instrumental duo from Portland with an unusual lineup: drums, vibraphone & noise. Drawing influences from Krautrock, jazz and no wave, 1939 Ensemble moves between ominous dissonance noise to sharp bombastic beats. The duo features Jose’ Medeles (The Breeders) and David Coniglio.

This show is being produced as a CCPA co-production; ticket proceeds benefit the band and the WOW Hall. Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door, available at the usual WOW Hall outlets. Doors open at 7:30 pm and showtime is 8:00/

This event kicks off a full week of Cozmic Pizza hosting a Fundraiser for the WOW Hall. Pick up a flyer at the WOW Hall and bring it to Cozmic between December 5 and December 12. The WOW Hall will receive 30% of your food purchase! Also 15% from Cozmic gift cards.